November 2020 -

Month: November 2020

  • Humans are composed primarily of water, ranging from 75% at birth to approximately 60% when we are adults. This flow is regulated by our body to maintain homeostasis in the different compartments of the body. In this article I will explain what it is and why fluid retention occurs as well as what the diet […]

  • Júlia Farré Psiconutrición

    In this episode of Talks with Health, I leave you an interview with Andrea Arroyo about obesity psychology . Andrea is a dietitian-nutritionist as well as a general health psychologist . She is a professor at the Open University of Catalonia among other entities. She coordinates the working group Eating Disorders and Psychological Treatment of […]

  • Japanese food in general and sushi in particular has grown exponentially in the last decade around the world. Japanese restaurants have established themselves as one of the main gastronomic options and proof of this is the increase in places that offer this type of food. However, there is some confusion about what the Japanese diet […]