Non-fattening drinks to cool you down in summer -

Non-fattening drinks to cool you down in summer

Leave sugary drinks, ice cream, slushies and horchatas for specific occasions and join these ideas that I propose to refresh you without increasing the calories in your diet .

I propose different healthy alternatives to beverages that do not make you fat , for occasions when you are at home or to order if you are away from home.

Low calorie summer drinks to consume outside the home

  • Tomato juice with salt and pepper . It seems that we only remember that there is tomato juice when we travel by plane and they offer us something to drink. However, it is a very refreshing option that is available in practically all bars, restaurants and beach bars. Tomato is a good source of vitamin C, an antioxidant vitamin that helps us fight the damage caused by the oxidation of the sun in our body.
zumo de tomate
  • Natural fruit smoothie . There are more and more places that offer juices, shakes and smoothies made at the moment with natural products. It is a good way to refresh yourself in a healthy way and not to forget the consumption of fruit this summer. Many people travel during their vacations with a lot of variation in their habitual eating habits. It is common to consume low fruit when we are away from home, staying for example in hotels or hostels. Consuming fruit daily will help combat constipation this holiday.
zumo de frutas

Summer sodas that are not fattening to make at home

  • Natural lemonade with sweetener . Let’s not forget that the best way to hydrate the body and combat high temperatures is by drinking water. Many people find it a bit boring or difficult due to its lack of flavor. For this reason I propose a natural lemonade. In a jug full of water, squeeze the juice of a lemon, add a few drops of sweetener and put it in the fridge. Serve chilled with optional mint leaves.
  • Tonic with dressing . This is a proposal for all those gin and tonic lovers who want to moderate alcohol consumption this summer and take care not only of their figure but also of their health. Remember that alcohol is toxic and the best we can do is avoid it. The tonic, for its part, although it may not seem like it due to its bitter taste, provides the same amount of refined sugar as a can of cola. For this reason I propose to deceive your mind with this drink. Buy tonic without sugar and prepare it in a balloon type glass, with lots of ice, lemon or lime peel and some balls of pepper. You can also add some fresh fruit like blueberries or strawberries.


  • Yogurt and fruit ice cream . Summer is the ice cream season par excellence. I do not pretend that you do not eat your favorite ice creams when you go out with your family or friends for a walk in the afternoon or at night … but I do believe that you can reduce its consumption, for example at home. For that reason, the solution that I propose is to prepare homemade ice creams using yogurt and fruit as a base. There are many types of molds on the market to make ice cream at home. If you don’t have ice cream molds you can make them using disposable plastic cups and wooden or plastic sticks. By making a small cut on one side, you can open it and unmold the ice cream.
helado yogur

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  • Natural fruit granita without sugar . Slushies are another of the products that we most want to refresh ourselves on summer holidays. Preparing them at home is very easy:
    • With Thermomix: Put pieces of peeled fruit and ice cubes in the glass and crush everything. Ready!
    • Without Thermomix : Peel the fruit, cut it into pieces, remove the bones and the petitas and place it in a plastic bag to freeze. Leave it in the freezer for about 30 minutes and then blend it with the mixer.
granizado de fruta
  • Flavored waters: It is about drinking water, not grinding or squeezing the ingredients as if it were a smoothie or juice. Preparation: Mix the ingredients, leave in the fridge overnight. Then you can optionally strain it. Here are some ideas:
    • Water, 1 piece of pineapple with skin, half a lime, basil leaves.
    • Water, cinnamon stick, orange peel. Pre-boil everything together and then cool.
    • Water, chopped melon and fresh mint leaves.
    • Water, halved strawberries, half kiwi, half lemon, mint leaves.
    • Water, strawberries, half orange with skin, mint leaves.
    • Water, half a grapefruit with skin and chopped or grated cucumber.
    • Sparkling water, juniper balls, half a lime.
    • Espresso or infused coffee (American type), unsweetened tonic, ice, lemon wedge.
    • Water, chopped strawberries and branch rosemary.
    • Water, chopped apple with skin and cinnamon sticks or ground.
    • Water, cucumber slices and mint leaves.
    • Water, sage leaves, half a lime and red berries cut in half.
    • Infusion of cinnamon and ginger, mix with sparkling water.
    • Infusion of thyme, half a lemon.
    • Water, blueberries cut into slices, half a lemon with the skin and mint leaves.

I take these tips to wish you all a happy summer and well-deserved vacation .


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