Diet to lower uric acid -

Diet to lower uric acid

 Накопление мочевой кислоты может вызвать ряд изменений в нашем организме, наиболее распространенными из которых являются камни в почках и приступ подагры. Однако гиперурикемия также связана с другими патологиями, такими как метаболический синдром или высокое кровяное давление. Лучшая профилактика этого типа заболеваний – соблюдение диеты для снижения гиперукемии, если у вас высокий уровень.

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Что такое мочевая кислота и как она влияет на наш организм?

Это химическое соединение, вырабатываемое нашим организмом при расщеплении веществ, называемых пуринами. Эти пурины могут вырабатываться самим организмом эндогенно или попадать в организм с пищей (экзогенные факторы).

Наше тело будет использовать часть этих пуринов в процессе клеточной регенерации, в то время как другие будут выводиться с мочой в виде мочевой кислоты.

Но что происходит с мочевой кислотой, которая остается в крови?

The elimination of this compound in the urine is very deficient, which is why we find the problem that uric acid accumulates in the blood. The amount in our body should move between 2 and 4 mg per 100 ml of blood, and can reach 6.8 mg in men. In the event that 7 mg per ml are exceeded, we would be facing a case of hyperuricemia.

Hyperuricemia can trigger 2 types of common problems:

  1. Formation of sodium urates or crystals that can accumulate in the joints, causing their inflammation in the form of arthritis. In addition, this process can be accompanied by uric kidney stones, known as kidney stones. In addition to being very painful, this fact can affect the proper functioning of the organs.
  2. Gout attack . The accumulation of urates in the joints can trigger the dreaded gout attack. Although it is usually triggered in the big toe, it could appear in other joints of the body, especially in the joints of the extremities (fingers, knees …)

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How to eliminate hyperuricemia?

Once the symptoms have appeared, it is necessary to know how to lower uric acid so that they remit and if possible they do not recur.

Elimination through urine

Urine pH is a key factor in eliminating uric acid. Due to poor eating habits, this pH can be very acidic and this greatly hinders the elimination of purines through the urine. Therefore, through good eating habits, we must try to reverse this situation by trying to make the pH more basic or neutral. This will exponentially eliminate blood levels through urination.

Weight loss and hyperuricemia diet

Whenever you carry out a diet to lose weight, it should be supervised by a dietitian – nutritionist, since otherwise, an increase in serum uric acid could occur. This is so because when we lose weight, our body generates ketones, waste substances that will compete with purines to be eliminated in the urine.


Diet to lower uric acid

The specific diet to reduce uric acid levels in the blood should be focused on controlling 3 main factors:

  1. Urine pH : As I have explained previously, we are interested in making a basifying or alkalizing diet in order to slightly change the pH of the urine and promote elimination. This is mainly achieved:
    • Drinking a significant amount of fluids daily in the form mainly of water and unsalted vegetable broths.
    • Enhancing the consumption of basic foods such as vegetables, potatoes, fruit, sweet potatoes, salads, and reducing the consumption of acidifying foods such as bread, pasta, rice, fish, meat and eggs.
    • Avoiding the consumption of foods rich in salt and salt in homemade culinary preparations.
    • Completely avoid alcohol consumption, including beer and wine.
  2. Purine intake : The daily diet should be as low in purines as possible. This means that it is not only necessary to watch the food that is consumed but also its preparation. When we boil a food that contains purines, a large part of these go into the cooking water. Therefore it is a good way to reduce the purine content of food but broths should be avoided.
  3. Fructose intake : Fructose, once assimilated by the body, is metabolized into xanthine, a purine that will eventually become uric acid. For this reason, it is recommended to consume only 1 piece of fruit a day and choose those that contain the least amount of fructose such as apricots, kiwi, mango, watermelon, strawberries, orange, melon, pineapple and the peach.

Can you eat tomato if you have hyperuricemia?

One of the most widespread recommendations on the diet for this ailment is to eliminate the tomato from the diet. Where does this information come from? Well, tomato is a fruit that we consume as if it were a vegetable. As a fruit, its fructose content is higher than that of vegetables. For this reason in some diets its consumption is discouraged. From my professional experience I want to emphasize that it is not necessary to completely eliminate it from the diet as long as its consumption is not excessive or daily.

Forbidden foods

There are foods that will only be prohibited when you are suffering from a gout attack. In the diet to lower uric acid we will recommend avoiding them or consuming small amounts and occasionally. These are the foods that contain the highest amount of purines: organ meats, sausages, red and game meat, blue fish and shellfish. To better know which foods to avoid and which to consume, I recommend the following table:

Amount of purines according to the food

Low amount of purines (0-50mg per 100g) Medium amount of purines (50-70mg per 100g) Considerable amount of purines (70-150 mg per 100g) High amount of purines (150-800 mg per 100g)
White or refined cereals.
Milk and derivatives.
Most vegetables.
Rabbit, chicken, turkey .
Chickpeas, beans, peas, soybeans.
Cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach, asparagus.
Beef, beef, pork, wild boar, horse, quail, partridge.
Lentils, beans.
Emperor, tuna, bonito, salmon.
Sausages, patés, viscera.
Sardines, anchovies, anchovies, mackerel.
Prawns, prawns, cockles, mussels.

Example menu


1 glass of milk with corn flakes.

Black coffee.

20 almonds.

Mid-morning :

White bread toasted with oil.

Vegetable broth without salt with half a squeezed lemon.


Potato, arugula, carrot, palm hearts, cucumber, celery, avocado and red pepper salad.

Rabbit with garlic.



1 nectarine.

Rosemary infusion.


Vegetable broth with noodles.

Grilled gilthead bream garnished with green beans, onion and sautéed garlic.


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