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  • It is very common that people who come to our nutrition consultation or make nutrition visits online come with a series of doubts and preconceived ideas about questions related to diet. These ideas often have to do with eating myths or unfounded beliefs. And the thing is that when it comes to food we tend […]

  • “ I have anxiety about eating» or « Night comes and I eat because of anxiety» are two very common expressions that, without statistics in hand but with experience ahead, they can be one of the most listened to in consultation. They are especially so in those people who want to lose weight and who […]

  • menú para la mujer menopáusica

    When women stop menstruating permanently there are many changes derived from this new hormonal situation. Many of the consequences of this change have nutritional repercussions, so I want to talk about the diet to follow during menopause . Mood and insomnia during menopause It is common to suffer emotional distress during this period of a […]

  • What are the foods with the greatest satiating power ? Are there foods that also help us control weight? They are very frequent questions in the consultation of the dietitian – nutritionist. In this post I analyze some dietary factors that influence feelings of hunger and satiety. What foods are most satisfying? Foods rich in […]

  • While processed foods are gaining presence in the diet of the majority of the population in developed countries, legumes are often the forgotten ones . However, we must not forget that we are dealing with a basic food group, which should be present in a healthy and balanced diet . Legumes are low in fat, […]

  • Last October the coach and mentor Agnés Ensesa gave me an interview about coaching and nutrition that I invite you to read below. I hope it inspires you and helps you eat better. Every time I believe more more that food on is essential to lead a healthy, balanced and happy life. And today I […]

  • semillas de amaranto

    More and more people come to our nutrition consultation in Barcelona in search of a balanced vegetarian diet . Many of them are vegetarians who want to regulate their diet, and on other occasions, they are people who want to start with a diet based on plant foods and do not know how to do […]

  • The new course begins and with the arrival of September it is time to join the gym again. Many people set goals: gain weight, lose weight, increase muscle mass, tone, etc. And all of them linked to diet . If you wonder how to eat now that you’ve joined the gym , today’s article interests […]

  • Neus López Npgueroles charlas con salud

    In this interview of «Talks with health», I interview Neus López Nogueroles, a dentist at the Pfaff Clinic in Barcelona. With her we will talk about nutrition and oral health . I hope you find it interesting and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you don’t miss any of our videos. Hello […]

  • Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation in different areas of the digestive system. Along with ulcerative colitis, they are part of the so-called inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). The inflamed area is commonly found in the lower area of ​​the small intestine or ileum , in this area is where the small intestine […]