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  • What is a FODMAP diet? The FODMAP diet , is the diet that works to improve symptoms of irritable bowel, problems with intestinal transit, abdominal bloating and flatulence. This diet is also recommended when a person has SIBO or bacterial overgrowth . In this case, it should be done throughout the treatment with the relevant […]

  • granizado de fruta

    Leave sugary drinks, ice cream, slushies and horchatas for specific occasions and join these ideas that I propose to refresh you without increasing the calories in your diet . I propose different healthy alternatives to beverages that do not make you fat , for occasions when you are at home or to order if you […]

  • alimentación infantil en el colegio

    One of the keys that I revealed in my last post on LinkedIn is planning. This is essential to feed ourselves in the best possible way. A new school year has just started and as the days go by the ideas of preparing sandwiches, snacks, breakfasts and dinners are running out … In fact, it […]

  • dieta dash

    Diet for high blood pressure or DASH diet The DASH diet “ Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension ” , which means: dietary treatment to stop hypertension , was created with the intention of dealing with high blood pressure, since it predisposes to a decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels without the need for […]

  • baby led weaning

    If you have a little one at home and you have learned how to incorporate complementary feeding into their diet, you have probably heard the term B aby Led Weaning . Although it is a term that has become fashionable recently, this technique of incorporating food in children was already used by most of our […]

  • glóbulos rojos

    Anemia is a syndrome that affects the red blood cells, which are responsible for oxygenating the body’s tissues. When we talk about anemia we always think of iron as the cause of this disease. However, there are several types and they can appear due to a lack of iron, vitamin B12 and / or folic […]