Interview about coaching and nutrition -

Interview about coaching and nutrition

Last October the coach and mentor Agnés Ensesa gave me an interview about coaching and nutrition that I invite you to read below. I hope it inspires you and helps you eat better.

Júlia Farré y Agnés Ensesa

Every time I believe more more that food on is essential to lead a healthy, balanced and happy life. And today I bring you a very special guest for me í, friend since I was we were 5 years old , she is J ú lia Farr é, dietician – nutritionist with m á s from 10 to years of experience. J úlia has her own private nutrition practice on in Barcelona where she performs personalized diets for all kinds of people and situations. He complements his professional activity with what he is most passionate : communicating in health, giving training talks on and actively collaborating in different media on such as radio, print and television on.

J úlia, It’s a real honor to have you here í and a lot Thank you very much for have accepted this interview!

Thank you very much Agnés, I am delighted to conduct this interview.

C How can we nurture our soul to get closer to our essence, what makes us shine and fulfill our prop or site of life?

To achieve this, our way of eating must be in line with our values. When the typical phrase “we are what we eat” is said, it not only refers to the nutrition and health process but also to our way of being and doing. I believe that through food, we partly express who we are and our lifestyle and values ​​are reflected in it. Some examples can be:

  • People who choose to buy seasonal and proximity products in a small market instead of buying processed and packaged products in a large hypermarket.
  • People who opt for organic products instead of conventional ones.
  • Vegetarian people who are against animal abuse and concerned about the environment, etc.

Through our way of eating we express ideologies and ways of understanding the world.

But sometimes our food choices do not always reflect our values ​​and then we enter into an internal conflict that makes us suffer. For example, I very often meet people who live in the city and would like to have a more natural diet but do not know how to access it. It is also very common the case of the person who wants to take care of himself, that his health and his aesthetic image are very important values ​​for him, but that in the environment in which he finds himself it is difficult for him to be consistent with that idea. For example, because you usually eat a lot in restaurants and consume a lot of alcohol due to your social life.

Through our way of eating we express ideologies and ways of understanding the world.

What do you think are the causes and what é solutions do you propose so that we honor more more than who are we?

For each person the causes and solutions will be different. I think there are 2 important feelings that people value a lot and that in the end is what we all want to achieve when we worry about what and how to eat: First of all, we feel good about ourselves. Second, feel vital, with energy. For me, vitality is one of the fundamental pillars to have a healthy and happy life. I believe that it is essential for our day to day and especially to be able to have enough energy to make any change and progress in life.

C How can we increase our vitality through it is food on?

You cannot get vitality through diet alone. There are 3 factors that directly influence our vitality: Sleeping, eating and breathing. If one of the 3 fails, we will not be able to feel the way we expect. In fact, they are interrelated: when we sleep insufficiently we are hungrier during the day, when we eat little we feel more tired, if we lack oxygen we are more sleepy, if we eat quickly we cannot breathe well, etc.

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Is it true that coffee helps reduce the feeling of fatigue? Should Should we take it when we are tired, or are there other foods that can give us more more energy when we have this feeling of fatigue?

Coffee is a great stimulant, but we must not confuse it with the contribution of energy. Coffee does not provide energy at all. Coffee increases our ability to concentrate, raises blood pressure momentarily and delays the onset of fatigue. This means that if we lack energy and we choose to drink coffee instead of eating and resting, several things can happen: that it does not have any effect on us, that it increases our state of nervousness but not energy or that it makes us feel a false sense of vitality. that fades when the effect wears off and that’s when we fall for another coffee, and then another, and then another … it’s a fish that bites its tail, that’s not the solution.

Coffee is a great stimulant, but we should not confuse it with energy intake 

Do you recommend us to do a detox diet to cleanse our body of toxins and thus improve í our levels of well-being and vitality?

Detox diets are another fad diet, a miracle diet, which tries to sell you the idea of ​​well-being and results with just the effort of a few days of taking care of yourself. But life isn’t like that and the human body doesn’t work like that either. All the metabolic reactions carried out by our body produce waste substances. The body is prepared to eliminate them without problem through urine without the need for a specific diet. We can never be 100% free of toxins since they are produced every second that passes, every time we breathe, eat, play sports, etc. What we can do through diet is to help our body to cleanse itself properly and easily through the intake of water, a high consumption of vegetables and avoiding an excessive consumption of proteins. Ah! And of course completely avoid toxins like alcohol and tobacco.

J useful, very much Thank you very much for this magnificent useful interview, with so many useful tips for our daily life.



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